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  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001, India
  • Written By nehachauhan2304
  • Written By nehachauhan2304
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001, India


Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s, innovative idea about the ‘Make in India’ has revolutionized the whole and sole looks of our Indian railways. The efforts of the eminent engineers resulted in the creation of the most luxurious and elegant train that will surely make you feel at home. These lavish coaches were designed by the engineers of Bhopal’s Coach Rehabilitation Workshop (CRWS) as a part of the 32 Crore project. Bhopal’s Habibganj Railway Station witnessed thefirst trial of ‘luxury on wheels’.

The Railway Board Chairman, Mr. A. K. Mittal, inspected the train. These opulent coaches will be reaching New Delhi for further inspection and approval from Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu. The coaches are modified according to the needs of the individual travelling in trains and to give them the comfortable experience of home.

The beauty of these modified coaches took the breath away from the Railway Board Chairman, Mr. A. K. Mittal.


Efforts were made to make the toilet systems in the Indian Railway Coaches as more user-friendly.  The toilet systems are modified as to promote the Bio Toilet systems with well sanitized and clean toilets. Extra space is provided to keep purses and other stuffs near the basin. Now going to toilets will not be daunting anymore.


These beautiful coaches look more homely than the dull green colour of the old and monotonous Indian Railways coaches. Floors and walls painted and designed to complement the colours of the seats. The walls of the compartments are well fitted and no screws are visible to spoil its beauty.


Proper LED lighting with bright coloured seats made these modified compartments a lively place. Each individual seat is provided with LED lights and attached charging points for every travellers’ comfort.


The luxury coaches are gaining more and more appreciation that is encouraging the Indian Railways to build more such coaches. Very soon people will be enjoying their rides in these coaches rather than complaining about the Indian Railways.


Not only the interiors of the train coaches are modified but also the exterior looks of the trains are painted beautifully.


The windows are provided with pink curtains. The seats are modified with convertible snack tables in each seat. The seats are more spacious and comfortable.


The purple coloured seats and complementing colours of walls and floors looks elegant and gives an exquisite experience of travelling.


Now you don’t need to have second thoughts on using these green wash basins with attached dustbins. The basin area is also lightened up with LED lights and designed beautifully according to the needs of the travellers.


These are some new and innovative ideas used by Indian Railways, which will soon change the way all of us travel. The production is underway, and within a year these full of upgraded technology equipped train racks will be running on Indian rail tracks.