What kind of fests are held in southern parts of India?
  • 19:20PM Jan 26,2019 India
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  • Written By Fierywriter
  • 19:20PM Jan 26,2019 India

Colleges in the Southern parts of India organize events every year for the students to evolve as mentally and physically. Celebrities from the Southern film industry gather in the nominated venues for entertaining the students of the college as well as the participants. Fests are of different types to suit the requirements of the students. At times its techno cultural, cultural, etc.  There are events to suit every participant needs. Some events are kept separately only for the international students. Events are normally celebrated with grandeur and pleasure and goes on up to three days.

Register Now

There is a process to be followed while registering yourself for the events. You can either fill the form online or offline. For the online registration, you have to log into the website of any particular college and you will receive the link of registering yourself for the event very easily. You are required to fill out a form online which demands your name, gender, age, institution, college name, college ID card, email Id, mobile number and residence address. The registration fee is minimal per person. If you are not residing in the southern part of India and you are from another city or state and demand for accommodation then you will require to pay as per demands of the college per head. After you make a payment online a participant ID will be generated for you and will be shared with you in your registered email id and mobile number. When you demand an entry through the gates of the campus then you will have to show your registration ID which has been generated to you after making an online payment. Every participant must carry their college ID card for the event.

How to decide which event to register for?

The colleges hold several events for the participants. The participants can earn up to 7 lakhs cash money as an award. There are four categories of events- fine arts, music, dance and technical events. Simultaneous events will run side by side as there are lots of events to cover. So, do check out the timings for each event you enrol for. There are several guidelines laid down by the college authorities for every event.

If you enrolling yourself for the group dance performance then you will be given five to six minutes for showing your art on the stage. Dance forms include classical as well as modern dance forms which include hip-hop. Dance forms like Kathak, Kathakali, Bharat Natyam, Manipuri, Odissi, and many others such as these can be performed either in a group or alone. Solo dance performances are also arranged.  Judges will judges based on certain parameters which will remain entirely unbiased. The decisions taken by them will be ultimate.

Under dance comes classical solo, classical group, group freestyle dance forms and solo freestyle dance forms. Under music comes Taal (solo instrumental), voice (solo singing), TuneSmith (light music), and harmonics. Along with that, the aeronautical department is in charge of arranging two events namely glider and CAD Modelling. EEE Department is arranging Electro Maze and Techno electric box. The mechanical department is in charge of arranging technical treasure hunt and remote controlled IC engine car race. The civil department is in charge of arranging Brickomenia and Floating Concrete. CSE department is arranging technical connections and Debugging. Automobile department is in charge of organizing build my vehicle. ECE Department is in charge of organizing Robo rush and VLSI design.

From among the above-mentioned programs you can select numerous events that you are interested to participate in. The college is arranging such specialized events for the engineering students so that its worth visiting. In the form of events and competitions, a lot of practical knowledge can be imparted to the participants as well as to the students of the college. Such practical knowledge will help them in the aggravation of their further studies. Each of the engineering department is organizing some kind of event which is worth participating in.

A brief introduction on the southern colleges of India  

The southern colleges of India specialize in the field of education since its inception. All the events will be held in different locations which has been specified on their websites. The institutes have received various awards and international acclamations as well. Students from all around the globe as well as from India come here to fulfil their desires of achieving a bright career. Some of the best companies come in these campuses for hiring the students which includes IBM, Capgemini, Audi, Bosch, Wipro, Infosys, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Accenture, MRF, and much more. As international students come here, therefore, the syllabus meets international standards as well. The students receive an ample amount of opportunities and international exposure in these colleges.  

The colleges are well equipped so as to impart quality education to the students. The professors in this college are highly educated and they leave no stones unturned in helping out the poor students after classes so that they too can excel in their life. Many international professors come here to deliver lectures to the students. As the colleges are a firm believer that education is the basic right of every human being therefore it is imparted to all. Therefore, it has successfully given 9500 scholarships till date to meritorious students.

Hostel Life

The hostel life of the colleges is very stern and strict. Its fully equipped with all sorts of modern amenities which include, washing machine, beauty parlours, Wi-Fi, CCTV cameras, gym, reading rooms, and many others. The students are not allowed to decide their roommate or their room by themselves. The chief warden takes care of such major things. Read the guidelines carefully before you pay a heavy amount to the hostel. If you fail to follow any rule then you will be thrown out of the hostel as well as from the college if the situation demands so. The students have to appear for a roll call sharp at 6 in the evening every day without any fail. If anyone is missing then he or she has to provide an appropriate reason for that. These are just some of the guidelines which you must abide by. There is my many more to be added in the list. If you are interested you can go through their websites. No form of discrimination is tolerated within the premises of these college campuses. Girls as well as boys are same in the eyes of the college authorities.

What are you waiting for? Register fast and participate in the coolest events of the year.