What is Polygamy? How far is it, good to practice Polygamy?
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  • Written By Jeev
  • Written By Jeev
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Polygamy, also known as polygamia; a state of marriage to multiple spouses. A relationship is called a polygamy when the man is either married or is in the sexual relationship with more than one person, at a time, being widely called as polygyny. In cases when the woman is married to the one man at a time, it is known as polyandry. If the marriage involves multiple people as husbands and wives, it is known as a group marriage. Unlike the monogamous relationships, the polygamy happened between many parties and used to identify the involvement of multiple people. In the broader sense in perspective of zoology and sociology, polygamy is synonymous to multiple mating. Polygamy has been in existence for so long and has been accepted by many societies, on a global level. According to the Atlas of Ethnography, in a whole of 1231 societies, 588 frequently practiced, 453 had practiced it occasionally, 186 had practiced monogamy, and 4 of them had practiced polyandry.



Today's world has continued to weigh and judge all the social issues, and that include homosexual relations, prostitution, unfaithfulness, capital punishment, gas typing, emotional feeding on each other, narcissism in relationships. Just like all of these relations, polygamy is one such social issue that creates a hindrance in the relationships. The reason why polygamy is in practice, especially with men is that it is penchant with the scores of the women and it can't be forbid even by the preachings of right and wrong. By forcing a person to be in a monogamous relationship, we have been creating problems that involve unfaithfulness because people, mostly men, and even women have desires to be with multiple women. But the impact that it creates on the mental health of the human being is what that keeps one, in hindrance.

Why do the current generation desire polygamy, if you ask? It is because everyone in this world loves freedom. All of us want to choose, decide, associate and get connected with people we love even if it turns out to be a polygamous practice. Therefore, instead of generically choosing polygamy to be white or black phenomena, it should be left to be judged from an individual perspective, the institution shouldn't interfere that. If a person wants to practice polygamy, they should not be deprived of that right, if it's consensual. According to the research, polygamy minimizes adultery and rapes. When a man is given the right to be involved with multiple relationships, he will not cheat on his partner or be desperate about the idea of forcing himself on other women and the case is same with the women. Have a monogamous relationship creations a flourishing situation where cheat can invoke.


By practicing polygamy, people would get proud and dignified over the period. If we feel that one man- one wife is more decent, wouldn't it become ethnocentrism? It is this tendency for ethnocentricism that has destroyed many cultural practices, which over the period; have grown into crimes. This is why most of the people don't allow polygamy to happen. Polygamy is even practiced by both men and women, in Bible, Koran and even in Hinduism. Abraham, the great of the Bible had more than a single wife. Jacob had more than a wife, Solomon had more than a wife, David had more than a wife, Mohammad had more than a wife. It was mentioned in Rig Veda during the Vedic period that a man can have more than a single wife. The Polygamy, as a practice is also attested in the mythology, both Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The Dharmashastras of Hinduism also says that a man can marry multiple women that belong to lower castes, given that the first wife belongs to the same caste. Therefore, polygamy is practiced in higher castes with higher statuses. Even the Koran puts up that a man can have a maximum of four wives. However, the people who blame polygamy as a sin because Adam never had more than one wife is because Adam did not have any choice. If only God had made several Eves in the Eden Garden, who knows, Adam would have had all of them as wives, as well.

When people think about polygamy, most of it is restricted to polygyny, a practice where man is allowed to have many women, but women aren't allowed to have multiple men. In the contemporary era, where men and women are expected to be treated equally, this is outright wrong. Polygamy treats men and women differently. It acts biased and has disenfranchised women from practicing it where women in the society are symbols of wealth, displays of beauty and not as people. Polygamous societies treat women, in the history of a property rather than mere human beings. Apart from all these complications, polygamy means plural marriage where the man can have two wives; a woman can have two husbands, a man can have a husband and a wife or women having both husband and wife.

So the question again goes back to square one, what is wrong with egalitarian polygamy where women and men both can be multiple spouses, at a time? There is nothing wrong, and it indeed brings hope to the single women around the world. In other words, if at all polygamy is enthusiastically accepted, promoted and welcomed; women will stop getting married. But in countries like India, we all know what unmarried has to face. Polygamy can solve these problems, but there are certain downsides to it as well.

According to the psychologists, women are claimed to be the difficult creatures of the world and therefore, if a man is dealing with three or four wives who belong to different behavior, backgrounds, and ethnicity, which is why he would have leadership responsibilities in him. If at all, a man is successfully managing a polygamous relationship; he's most likely to lead many people as well and also has the potential to deal with larger organizations and communities by understanding what people want, by dealing with them through greater leadership skills and management techniques as well.

Many of us don't know and fail to realize the virtue of polygamy in our lives. Humans are known to infuriate, frustrate and annoy others when they tend to developer deeper connections. Generally speaking, all of the humans are trouble makers. By maintaining polygamy, a man or woman can keep multiple wives, keeping them in each other's lives for years and years because of their nature; the humans can obtain patience, one of the greatest virtue of the life. Don't we all admit that we need patient people in today's society? As the evolution happened, a patriarchal- rather balanced system has formed to balance the feelings of both man and woman. Therefore, man is expected is to provide home including fulfillment of few responsibilities. If the man can readily provide shelter, clothing, and food; he's indeed helping in the sustainability of humanity, by turning into a humanitarian. As stupid it sounds, he's taking the responsibility of more than one woman on his shoulders.

Polygamy like any of the other practices says prostitution isn't a new age invention. It has been with us since ever as mentioned above and indeed is a very old-age practice. Polygamy has started long before even Noah has come. According to few people, Lamech is the first man to practice the Polygamy by marrying two women at a time and it has been in existence ever since. Concluding, there are indeed many reasons why polygamy is not a sin, and because of the decent ways in which it can be practiced, it can even be considered as one of the most feasible solutions for many problems in the day to day life. This doesn't mean, that we are entirely supporting the idea of having multiple partners.

Polygamy can be great if we are talking about two adults who want to be in a consenting relationship. People often claim that the kids that are brought up in polygamous homes become awful, but with the complications of the today's world, it is the same even with the monogamous homes. Therefore, it is important to let the adults have the relationships that they prefer while protecting their freedom regardless of age, gender, religion, orientation without any bullying, prosecution or discrimination. Indeed, it is only wise to support polygamy and call it sensible because it also enhances the freedom to a personal level, by helping in the minimization of adultery that has now become a major part of our culture, which has been again practiced from ages by all the regulations. It also helps in decreasing the single women in the society, create the women, a wider idea of how not to be entirely dependent on the men for everything, help man on the humanitarian and leadership grounds as well. That being said, as long as the mental health of the individuals that are involved in polygamy is not being affected; there is nothing wrong with practicing polygamy as a healthy practice.