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  • Written By Rohini
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A wedding sans entertainment is nothing less than a preposterous suggestion for the soon-to-be brides  and grooms of today! Weddings are no longer limited to saat pheras, receiving gifts and prostrating in front of hordes of relatives and friends (half of them you would probably never meet again in your life!).


Today, the word Entertainment has become synonymous with Indian wedding! The actual wedding may take place in a jiffy with some couples daring to opt for a shortcut mode of adhering to the rituals however they make sure that the entertainment part of the wedding is a long drawn and...well an entertaining affair! what else? When and how did entertainment become an integral part of  a wedding one may wonder? A soulful rendition of Hindustani or Carnatic classical music by a local artist was probably how it all started, though I am sure there has been no official record to trace the history of this trend!


A classical musician entertaining the guests with his/her mellifluous voice or a maestro playing a musical instrument continues to be a popular form of entertainment option at weddings. This particular form of entertaining your guests will certainly make sure that invitees especially the senior and the not-too-young ones are rooted to their seats. An atmosphere of decorum is an omnipresent fact for sure with sounds of 'wah wah' wafting in the air. However, the young and the bubbly crowd who are tone deaf to such music will be trying their best to stifle a yawn!


Soon, the wedding hall became 'the' place to be with the entry of the Disc Jockeys(DJs). Loud music, blinding lights and the works changed the wedding scenario for ever...whether it changed for the good or bad is a point that can be debated in a talk show! This trend ushered in a great opportunity for all the budding DJs to showcase their talent. Punjabi songs, popular Bollywood numbers are remixed in such a creative way by some of the talented DJs that even a person with two left foot cannot resist but dance to such beats!


Live gigs is another favored entertainment option in weddings. A live show or a live gig by a duo or a band can enliven a wedding and compel you to put on your dancing shoes. A singer or a band performing live can elevate the entertainment quotient of a wedding to high decibels! An upcoming band who can croon the latest Hindi or English numbers can prove to be a cost-effective entertainment option as compared to flying down movie stars for your wedding. Well, cost really would not matter if you happen to be a close relative of the Tata, Birla or the likes or if you just happen to have couple of crores to spare, then getting a Shah Rukh Khan or Katrina Kaif or a Priyanka Chopra shake a leg can be a 'cake walk' for you.


With wedding entertainment options burgeoning over the years, attending a wedding is no longer a boring affair for both the young and young at heart!  Some of the entertainment options can leave a deep dent in your pockets while few come with a modest price tag. Since most of us still believe in getting married only once, spending a couple of thousands or lakhs on an entertainment option should not become a worrisome task!

Having said that, here is a list of musicians and singers who can be hired to perform at your wedding.

Classical Musicians

Weddings can be a stressful affair especially for the parents of both the bride and the groom. A soulful rendition of raag bhairavi or bhoopali will act as a perfect stress buster for the overworked parents and even the newly weds.  If instrumental music is what you prefer, the mellifluous sound of a flute or sitar could be a perfect way to end the wedding celebrations. Some of the famous musicians who perform at weddings are Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan, Rahul Sharma, Anoushka Sharma, Rakesh Chaurasia



Without disturbing the traditional ambience of a wedding, a part of the wedding hall can be transformed into a mini discotheque if you choose to have a DJ perform at your wedding. Some of the Djs who can shake the dance floor are DJ Akbar, Suketu, Shiva, Bosco, Hiren, Gaurav etc


Live Gigs

Live gigs or live shows seldom fail to please the audience especially if the act is by a professional singer or band.  Light music, Jazz, Bollywood songs, bhangra or even traditional folk songs are the various options you can choose from. Singers who have carved a niche in Bollywood like Shankar Mahadevan, Vishal Shekar, Mika and Sukhbir are open to performing at weddings. Upcoming singers like Akriti kakkar, Ravindra Upadhyay, Sumedha Karmahe are also well received by the guests. Live gigs by Merlin D’Souza, Sharmila Diaz, Rodney, Infrared band are sought-after for wedding entertainment. Lately Coke Studio has made a foray into this space and is proving to be a hit amongst the wedding crowd.

So, if you are about to tie the knot or planning to do so in the near future, think about these entertainment options. It’s not just about enthralling your guests but it can prove to be a good distraction for them from clicking selfies or browsing on their mobiles!