Simple ways to Quit Smoking
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600003, India
  • Written By Ajay
  • Written By Ajay
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600003, India

Simple ways to Quit Smoking

One thing I always tries each and every minute of life is to control smoking. It is really a bad habit to follow. This is really killing me. I tried many ways to control smoking and at last I planned some simple steps to control this. Now, I am happy that I have relieved from that bad habit. Believe me, it really makes my life positive and made my life journey peaceful. Here I have explained some of the simple steps to quit smoking. It is really working and amazing.

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Decide a Quit Plan:

Congratulations on taking your first step in quitting smoking. You need to have a strong quit plan to control smoking. I am sure that following of one plan will not work out. The combination of different plan will really yields you the result. A strong quit plan will makes you to stay focused, confident and motivated to quit. You should be honest about your needs. If you really needs nicotine therapy just go for it. Nothing in this world is going to stop this.

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Stay Busy:

Keep always busy in your personal and professional work. This will helps to keep your mind off smoking. I have listed some of the activities which I personally followed. This will really helps you.

  1. Exercise. No need to hit gym.
  2. Walk for some time in evening after office hours.
  3. Keep your pockets filled with Chewing gums or candy.
  4. Have a pen always and try to play some games.
  5. Drink plenty of water.
  6. Relax with deep breathing.
  7. Go to movie.
  8. Spend time with some non-smoking friends.
  9. Have dinner at smoke free restaurant.


Throw away all smoking triggers:

Triggers are the people, place or things which will ignite to set your mood on to smoke. On the start day of quitting, please ignore all the triggers. Some tips to reduce the smoking triggers.

  1. Throw away all your cigarettes, lighters and ash trays.
  2. Avoid caffeine. More intake of caffeine will increase the mood of smoking.
  3. Spending time with non-smokers.
  4. Spend some time in place where smoking is not allowed.
  5. Get plenty of rest and eat health.



Stay Positive:

It is always important to stay focused and positive on Quitting day. Try not to think about quitting of smoking for whole day. Pay close attention to the task which you are doing now. You will not remember about smoking, Try not to smoke even a single puff for whole single day. Reward yourself with some things if you achieved this.

Get help from others:

Willpower alone is not to going to work out. You need to get the help from the surroundings. Inform your friends and family about quitting of smoking. You required more support from them not only on the quitting day. Make sure they always help you in quitting the smoke.


Quitting of smoking is not a small thing. It needs to have greater patience to control this. You need to stay positive all the times. Rewards are the best way to control smoking. But one thing you remember smoking not only kills you but also your surroundings. Control of smoking will saves money and you can lead a peaceful life without smoking.