Let’s play some adventurous sports
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249203, India
  • Written By dinesh.goswami
  • Written By dinesh.goswami
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249203, India


Gives you life long memories: Adventure sports have always been a top favorite in any country in the globe. In fact, people from all ages enjoy such sports. Old age is no deterrent to enjoyment. Some adventure makes life interesting. We all remember how, out of fear, we learned to ride the bicycle. Though it was dreary for us at that time, it leaves little, wonderful memories in our minds. You may be tired after years of work and may be wanting to break the deadlock, or you may be missing out on your old days when you were young, you must definitely plan an adventurous sport to rejuvenate your body and soul. They will give you life-long memories of joy and ecstasy that will never fade. You would love to see your snapshot, with your mouth half open out of fear when you take your first jump or when you do water rafting for the first time.


Now, let’s enlist some of the most famous adventurous sports that have thrilled people everywhere. In fact, people travel great distances to enjoy them. Don’t miss out on them. They will enliven you up completely.

Paragliding: It’s certainly the most common form of adventure sports. Even the equipment that the sport has are not much sophisticated. You can feel how it must feel to fly endlessly in the open sky. You will experience ever- lasting joy, soaring endlessly in the sky with no bounds. There are so many places in India that you can opt for when you go for paragliding like Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Banglore etc. Sure, there is always some initial fear in trying out such sports if you have never really done them before. People worry about safety issues. But don’t worry. There’s enough security assurance in this. You don’t need to bother yourself with anything. Just do it. You’ll love it.

Skiing: This is again very exciting. Do you not love snow? Do you not love to glide over it smoothly, with no friction stopping you? Skiing is certainly for everyone who enjoys that. It feels ecstatic to ski. It feels ecstatic to slide over snow and take wonderful snapshots of the white, creamy atmosphere. Indeed, this is such a sport in which the whole family participates. They just love throwing snowballs at each other. This is one such occasion everyone in your family will remember. India has amazing places where you can ski for as long as you want. There are numerous spots in Uttranchal, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh etc. These places have already become tourist destinations.

Trekking: This is both an adventure sport and a journey of nature’s most exciting avenues. Trekking offers a challenge since it’s doubtlessly a tiring sport. But it also unfolds the supreme and sublime beauty of nature as one progresses. You may consider the Hampta Pass Trek in the Himachal Pradesh. It’s an exciting tourist spot as well. You would appreciate the scenic beauty, the grass laden grounds, and the snow capped peaks in the Himalayan range. Valley of flowers in Uttranchal is another a tourist destination which is famous because it reveals the dewy land that welcomes you with so many diverse and vibrant flowers. There are over 300 types of endemic alpine flowers with beautiful fauna.

Mountaineering: Certainly not an easy one to try and not recommended for everyone. Mountaineering is again the toughest of the adventurous activities you must have ever undertaken. There are several specialized courses in mountaineering that train you how to climb up the most difficult landform. Mountaineering has invoked feelings of sentiments and passions in the minds of the climbers, who undertake it as a form of challenge that life offers them. It teaches you some of the most vital qualities like courage, patience, determination, discipline, and rigor. In fact, the target is to reach to the top of the lofty peak. Climbers reach the top only after facing numerous days of difficulties, facing avalanche, storms, breathing problems, extreme weather etc. So many of the climbers die in the middle of their journey. Needless to mention, India has the best mountaineering site, the mighty Himalayas. If you are really curious about the mountains and are willing to make a record-breaking performance and appear in the headlines, you can consider getting trained for the mountaineering. No matter how perilous and life threatening this expedition is, it’s going to change your life completely and give a new dimension to it.  


Hot air balloon: This thriller certainly needs no introduction. How wonderful it feels to catch a bird’s eye view of the world beneath. Thrilling, isn’t it? Now, it has become so famous in India, especially amongst the couples who enjoy spending time with each other, watching the world reveal itself beneath. And there are some perfect places in India you must not leave. Consider Rajasthan, the pink city, and you can enjoy watching its rustic beauty from above. Consider NCR region, and you will be mesmerized by skyscrapers appear tiny dots beneath you. Goa, a famous honeymoon destination, is also loved by party mongers. Hot air ballooning there can make the experience even more thrilling. As it’s often said, for the adventurers, the sky is the limit! Go, touch your sky.

White water rafting: An awesome sport that gives goosebumps to many. Who does not know the thrill of rafting amidst the unbridled water and enjoy the adventure to its peak? It’s an altogether different experience to be with friends and ooze out every bit of fun in your picnic there. You have myriad options in India, where you can plan your picnics with your friend and enjoy the unprecedented moment of fun. River Ganga, in Rishikesh, certainly offers the best place for white water rafting. Yamuna River is another favorite spot for amateur as well as experienced rafters. You may also consider Beas River in Kullu Manali and explore the beauty and suspense of water. This sport is certainly a big thriller one and is going to make you love it if forever, for sure.

Skydiving: There cannot be two opinions about the fact that your heart yearns to see the world from 10,000 feet high with just a parachute strapped to your body. No doubt, it’s a mind-boggling experience forever. This is particularly a ‘must include’ in the list of all those who have intended to break away from the daily, boring, suicidal routine and try something new, something adventurous. This marks the peak of adventure, as one jumps down into the deadly sky. Mysore, Karnataka, is the best place for skydiving in India. It has several skydiving camps lined up, one after the other. The extraordinarily spectacular view will make you agree it’s the best place. But places like Pondicherry, Gujarat, Maharashtra are no bad options at all. Get a feel of soaring in the white sky and experience utmost adventure there.

Scuba diving: The complement of skydiving but not at all less interesting and thrilling. Scuba diving is the mode of underwater diving with the scuba, the self-contained apparatus used to breathe inside deep waters. Suba diving may be done recreationally or educationally for the scientific investigation of the diverse and unexplored marine life. You’ll surely appreciate god’s creation as you observe a completely different world sustaining itself underwater. India is a home to many scuba diving sites, where you can relish seeing the underwater beauty right in front of you. The best place is Andaman & Nicobar Islands. There are sites that house Scorpionfish, Octopus, Anglerfish, Sharks, and Coral reefs as well. The Cinque island in Port Blaire is very famous. Goa also houses sites like Shelter Cove and Uma Guva Reef that are good diving sites.

Rock climbing: An activity in which the participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. The task is usually to reach the top of the rock in a minimum amount of time. Since downclimbing the rock can be very dangerous, especially in the steep rock formations, it’s generally avoided. Delhi, Kolkata, Hampi are some of the sites where you can experience the delight of rock climbing.

Bungee jumping: Wow, this certainly is most interesting one. If you are determined to crush your fear of heights or freefall, this sport is certainly for you. It involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to an elastic cord. The structure may be fixed such as a building or may hover in the air like a helicopter or hot air balloon. The thrill comes when the jumper jumps and the coil recoil, leaving the jumper to oscillate up and down till it comes to rest. Jumping Heights, located in Mohan Chatti village, has been rated as one of the most preferred bungee jumping destinations in India. Ozone in Banglore is another jumping site that is conducted from the height of 80 feet above the ground. There is no fixed platform and the jumper jumps from the mobile crane. This is surely an adrenaline rushing experience. However, jumping from the mobile crane any not be all that safe. Wanderlust in Delhi is a safe jumping spot in Delhi. The entire jumping staff is trained in Germany. It also works with German technology and equipment.  It offers crane jumps from 130 ft above the ground level. Goa again has some good spots for bungee jumping.









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