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  • Written By Jeev
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What’s so great about Leonardo da Vinci, if you ask? 

He encapsulated the humanist soul of his age. At the point when individuals discuss a “Renaissance man”, Leonardo da Vinci is perpetually who they mean. While an uncommon craftsman, Leonardo likely shouldn’t be viewed as the best of his lifetime (he had hardened rivalry!) Nor, I’m certain, would he be viewed as the best researcher or specialist of the Renaissance. What he did was to join an extensive variety of interests in an extremely expert way. Leonardo consolidated an insightful exact personality with an uncommon visual knowledge, and this can be promptly seen in both in his exploratory representations and his artworks.

Leonardo da Vinci Facts - Interesting things about the Renaissance man:

Leonardo da Vinci resume as Military Designer:

  1. Leonardo composed a job application in 1482 to Ludovico Sforza, the official of Milan. Where he included,

  2. I have plans for scaffolds and bridges, light and solid and reasonable for conveying effectively.At the point when a spot is blockaded, I know how to cut off water from the trenches, and how to develop an unending number of scaling and stepping stools along with different instruments.

  3. At the point when a spot is blockaded, I know how to cut off water from the trenches, and how to develop an unending number of scaling and stepping stools along with different instruments.

  4. As a result of the tallness of the dike/mountain, and the quality of the rock or its site, it ought to be difficult to lessen it by siege, I know strategies for obliterating any fortification or stronghold, regardless of the fact that it is based on rock.

  5. I have plans for making a gun, extremely advantageous and simple of transport, with which once can throw little stones in the way practically of hail.

  6. In case the engagement is adrift, I have plans for developing numerous motors most appropriate for assault or safeguard, and ships which can oppose the flame of all the heaviest gun, and powder and smoke.

  7. Likewise, I have methods for touching base at a specifically altered spot by sinkholes and mystery winding entries made with no commotion despite the fact that it might be important to go underneath the water.

  8. Additionally, I can make secured autos, protected and unassailable, which will enter the serried positions of the foe with big guns, and there is no organization of men at arms so incredible as not to be broken by it. Also, behind these, the infantry will have the capacity to take after entirely unharmed and with no restriction.

  9. In the case of emergencies, I can make mortars and light weapons, of exceptionally delightful and helpful shapes, different from the conventional ones.

  10. Where it is impractical to utilize gun, I can supply slings, mangonels, traps, and different motors of magnificent adequacy not when all is said in done issue. To put it plainly, as the assortment of circumstances should require, I can supply an unending number of various motors of assault and protection.

  11. In a time of peace I trust that I can give you as complete fulfillment as any other person in design, in the development of structures both open and private, and in leading water starting with one place then onto the next.

  12. Likewise, I can create structures in marble, bronze, or earth, furthermore painting, in which my work will stand examination with that of any other person whoever he might be.

  13. I would attempt the work of the bronze stallion, which should continue with interminable brilliance and unceasing honor the propitious memory of the Prince your dad and of the famous place of Sforza.

Guess what? He got the job. As a military designer, Da Vinci made arrangements for weapons that would be conveyed four hundred years after the fact, including the heavily clad tank, machine firearm, mortar, guided rocket, and submarine.

Leonardo da Vinci Achievements:


  1. He spearheaded the order of present day relative life systems.
  2. He was the first to draw parts of the body in the cross segment.
  3. He drew the most nitty gritty and far-reaching representations of people and steeds.
  4. He led extraordinary experimental investigations of the kid in the womb.
  5. He was the first to make throws of the mind and the ventricles of the heart.

Natural science:

  1. He spearheaded cutting edge herbal science.
  2. He portrayed geotropism (the gravitational fascination of the earth on some plants) and heliotropism (the fascination of plants toward the sun).
  3. He noticed that the age of a tree by the number of rings in its cross area.He was the first to portray the arrangement of leaf course of action in plants.


  1. He made huge disclosures about the way of fossilization, and he was the first to archive the wonder of soil disintegration. As he composed, “Water perplexes mountains and fills valleys.”
  2. His material science ponders expected the present day controls of hydrostatics, optics, and mechanics.


  1.  40 years before Copernicus—Da Vinci noted, in expansive letters for accentuation, “IL SOLE NO SI MUOVE, The sun does not move.” He included, “The earth is not in the focal point of the circle of the sun, nor in the focal point of the universe.‘
  2. 60 years before Galileo—He proposed that “a huge amplifying lens” should be used to look at the surface of the moon and other brilliant bodies.
  3. 200 years before Newton—Anticipating the hypothesis of attractive energy, Leonardo composed, “Each weight tends to fall towards the middle by the most limited conceivable way.” And somewhere else he included that in light of the fact that “each overwhelming substance presses descending, and can’t be maintained interminably, the entire earth must get to be around.“
  4. 400 years before Darwin—He put a man in the same general class as monkeys and primates and composed, “Man does not differ from the creatures but in what is inadvertent.“

Wanna know more? Here are few interesting facts about Leonardo da Vinci that will amuse you:

  1. The name, Leonardo da Vinci means Leonard from the town of Vinci. Leonardo was raised by his single parent. Leonardo was one of the main Italians to utilize oil paint .He was left-handed.
  2. He was additionally a stone worker, an originator of ensembles, mathematician, and botanist. He made maps of Europe. He concocted pressure driven pumps. He composed a versatile scaffold for the Duke of Milan. He drew the plans of the initially defensively covered auto in 1485.
  3. Leonardo da Vinci left numerous compositions unfinished and pulverized the vast majority of his work. Two of his works, the Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper are the most celebrated, most duplicated and most ridiculed representation and religious paintings ever.
  4. Leonardo drew the plans for the initially heavily clad auto in 1485! He created the bike 300 years before it showed up out and about. Leonardo da Vinci made an inflatable tube so individuals could skim in the water.
  5. It took da Vinci around ten years to paint Mona Lisa’s lips. Leonardo was popular for the way he used light as a part of his pictures. He painted The Last Supper at Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan; an emotional delineation existing apart from everything else Jesus declared that he would be deceived. He set up current strategies of logical representation with exceedingly precise renderings, for example, ‘Incipient organism in the Womb‘.
  6. Leonardo da Vinci had dyslexia when he made notes on his creations it was all composed backward, which made it hard for others to burrow through his notes and take his thoughts. Leonardo would wear pink to make his composition look new. Leonardo da Vinci never wedded or had youngsters.
  7. Leonardo da Vinci dove into burial grounds around evening time to take bodies and study human life systems (and discover where the spirit was). He created aerial maps for Cesare Borgia which are still exact today. Leonardo was a vegan who cherished animals and scorned war, yet he filled in as a military designer to concoct progressed and destructive weapons.
  8. Leonardo is considered by numerous as the father of advanced science. He was a standout amongst the most acclaimed specialists of the Renaissance. He was the illegitimate offspring of Messer Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci, a Florentine public accountant, and Caterina, a laborer.
  9. Leonardo portrayed the main parachute, first helicopter, the first plane, the first tank, first rehashing rifle, swinging scaffold, paddleboat, and the primary motorcar. Leonardo was especially keen on the likelihood of human flight. He delivered numerous investigations of the flight of flying creatures and arrangements for a few flying machines.
  10. The Mona Lisa is maybe his most renowned work. The subject of this representation is still discussed right up ’til today, the most prominent current perspective being that it is of Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo. A standout amongst the most surprising speculations is that it is a self-representation of Leonardo as a lady.

On a whole, he's the reniassance man that we know very less about and has immensely contributed for the world.