How to motivate yourself to start with a healthy lifestyle?
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001, India
  • Written By nehachauhan2304
  • Written By nehachauhan2304
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001, India

With the declining quality of our lifestyle, the health and fitness are also declining very rapidly. People are moving towards a passive approach of doing work and try to avoid the active tasks. With the development of the science and technology, the discoveries of machines have been a major cause of the unhealthy lifestyle of the people all over the world. Not doing any kind of physical activity and eating junk food is one of the major parts of living an unhealthy life.

It is not necessary that in order to live a healthy life one must always do work and not enjoy their leisure time. But taking out few minutes from the busy schedule of the day to rejuvenate your body and energy level is important. People must realize the importance and need for exercise and a balanced diet in their daily routine.

There are many people who start with a healthy routine for a day or two and give up on their resolutions. They easily lose the motivation to get back on to a healthy lifestyle. According to researchers, it is said that the habit of staying healthy and doing exercise can last a lifetime. But after beginning with these habits one must need to preach their healthy habits every day. Start with small changes in the lifestyle rather than going on board by being a complete fitness freak. Small changes can do wonders in the long run. In order to keep up the motivational level in themselves, people must hop on to follow these tips which will surely help them get back on a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of the major tips that will boost up the motivation to stay fit and follow a healthy lifestyle –

  1. Try to feel good about yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are fat or slim, what matters most is that you are living a healthy lifestyle. One must try to start with a healthy eating habit. Not dieting. But a healthy habit of eating balanced food. No overeating. No junk food. No extra oily food. One should try to stick around with the people that make you feel good about yourself. If your peers force you to drink or smoke or overeat, then you must consider changing your group of people. Be with the people who like having a healthy life. You will get motivated by sticking around to these people and can easily follow on with your health and fitness resolution.
  2. Choose your role model wisely. Role models are an inspiration for people to do whatever they want to. One should choose their role models very wisely as they would be following the path of their role models. You cannot dreams of being slim and healthy overnight. It takes years of hard work and patience to build up a great body. No one asks you to be slim like the actress or actors you see in the movies, but you can choose real life people as role models to follow the healthy lifestyle.
  3. List out the reasons that make you overeat. The best way to stay motivated is to troubleshoot the problems and to find a way to solve them. If you are having habits of overeating then find out the reasons why you do it. Food is your way to cope up with rejection, disappointments or any kind of stress? You can brainstorm to choose some alternative methods to cope up with the stress. Doing any physical activity or exercising boosts up the energy level and reduces stress. It will not just be a healthier alternative but will also help you in staying healthy and fit. One must control themselves from jumping on to oily, junk or spicy food. Try eating healthy and fresh. Do eat all at once. You can split the meals into different time slots. This will help you in avoiding overeating and have whatever you want to eat.
  4. Start with small changes in your lifestyle. It is never mentioned anywhere that in order to begin a healthy life, one must transform all at once. You should begin with making small changes in your routine every day. List out the habits that you want to change and plan out the ways by which you can change them in a slow and steady way. Keep your mind clear about what you have to do today and do not miss out on the planned changes at any cost. Many drops fill an ocean. Likewise, small changes can add up to a major lifestyle change in you. You can start drinking more water every day, go on for a jog at morning or evening for 15 to 30 minutes, eat one seasonal fruit daily, add salad in your daily diet, and replace one time meal with fruit juices for detoxification of your body. These are some of the daily changes that you can include in your life.
  5. Find a cheering person. It can be anyone from your family, your spouse, siblings, peers, office mates, anyone. Share with them how you are progressing towards a healthy lifestyle. At some point in time, everyone wants to get cheered up and acknowledged for their hard work. If you don’t have anyone around then pat yourself on the back and reward yourself for doing a great job. Talk to your cheering person whenever you think you are losing your motivation. Ask them to cheer you up in your healthy endeavors. Celebrate small achievements with your cheer group and appreciate what you have achieved.
  6. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Learn to forgive. After all, we all are humans with a tendency to make mistakes. We may forget to keep up with the exercise routine, or can overeat or drink sometimes but try to forgive yourself for that. You can occasionally enjoy breaking the fitness rules and console by enjoying the vacations. Don’t feel guilty about having an extra dessert in a party or having a drink at a friend’s place. Instead enjoy the time, work out later and resume with the disciplined lifestyle again.
  7. Avoid being hungry. The major reason behind overeating is that people stay without eating anything for a longer time period which makes them eat mercilessly when they have food. Stop doing that. And instead keep your hunger at bay by eating healthy stuff after every two to three hours. You don’t have to stuff your stomach but a little amount would suffice your hunger and you would not feel hungry all the time.
  8. Keep this fact in your mind that changes never occur suddenly. They take time. No one gets a suave body within seconds. It is the hard work of months and years. Changes never happen overnight and you cannot become healthy within the blink of an eye. Realize that it will take time and you need to give that time without any fail. You can see various people in your daily life that are crossing the age of 50s and are still trying to maintain their healthy lifestyle by regularly exercising and jogging. You should learn from them. Everyone is different and so are their lives. Make changes in your life that will reflect positively in the later years. Staying fit would benefit your body only.
  9. Avoid sitting idle and move around a bit. Sitting on a couch or a chair makes you lethargic. It reduces the energy level in your body and makes your body muscles weak. You should make healthy choices by opting to stretch or move a little every day so that the body gets back the lost energy and the muscles remain active. Take stairs instead of elevators or escalators, go on a walk after the dinner, and choose to walk to nearby places instead of using vehicles. These are some of the active tasks that will enforce you to stay fit and healthy. Doing exercise on a daily basis can help you in losing weight. The more active exercise you perform, the more calories will be burned.
  10. Enjoy the changes made every day and celebrate the small yet worthy achievements. You must learn to enjoy the beauty of the journey that you are choosing. Staying healthy is not just a compulsion but also a choice that you have made for yourself. Keeping your body fit and to be a healthier person. Amidst the changes and the exercising routines, learn to enjoy every day. Celebrate what you have achieved till now and motivate yourself to achieve furthermore in the coming days. Treat yourself by doing small things that make you happy. The loss of motivation generally arises when people get so much involved with the fitness routines that they forget to enjoy the smaller happy moments every day. Take out time from the 24 hours schedule and realize how beautiful today’s journey has been. Enjoy every moment with any disappointments or regret.