How to heal cracked or dry heels at home?
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Sé, São Paulo - SP, 01018-010, Brazil
  • Written By Shikhar
  • Written By Shikhar
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Sé, São Paulo - SP, 01018-010, Brazil

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How to end cracked heel is the doubt a lot of people have been suffering from this issue, besides the uncomfortable feeling that it causes in the feet. After all, this compromise is not only a matter of aesthetics but can also be the consequence of a number of other ailments.

This type of problem is much more common than you can imagine and its causes can vary greatly, ranging from simple aesthetic issues to more serious problems.

So knowing how to end cracked heel is an important thing, since it is not a problem that requires certain care, to prevent the cracks spread around further and become deeper which can cause pain and even bleed.

Cracked Heel: What causes this problem?

Cracked heels are symptoms of lack of hydration, and this problem primarily affects the outermost layer of the feet, also known as the dermis.

In general, cracked heels are not considered major problems, at least not until the case worsens and causes bleeding, a problem that is much worse for those who are diabetic or suffer from chronic diseases.

Cracks are symptoms presented mainly in the elderly, but they can also affect young and old. And a factor that helps to develop this problem is the reduction of the hydration of the skin and also of the production of collagen by the body, so the heels are dry and cracked.

Now let us know the main recipes to avoid and/or heal cracked heels!

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)

Vaseline is a very affordable product which you can find practically in any supermarket or drugstore. It helps to hydrate your feet, making the skin softer. The application procedure is simple and should be done before bed. Apply and wear socks afterward.

You do not have to suffer from cracked heel or feel embarrassed when wearing sandals! It is a problem that is common and potentially treatable which you can do in the comfort of your home.

Now you already know how to end with heel cracked in simple steps, choose the best option mentioned above that you certainly will achieve great results.

Cocoa butter

This is a good solution to end cracked heel. Cocoa butter will serve as a kind of moisturizer, where every night, before bedtime, you should pass a little of that butter in the region affected by the cracks to ensure greater hydration in that area and thus solve this problem once and for all.

Recipe with Vegetable Oil

Apply vegetable oil directly to the cracks of the feet and within a few days, you will start to see the results. You can use any type of vegetable oil as it helps to soften the problem and prevent new cracks. But before applying the oil directly to the feet, you should sand them with the aid of a rock proper for this specific purpose and then wash in water.

Following these steps is that you should apply the oil to the feet in moderation, and then put socks to prevent dirt or dirt from getting pinched on your foot because of the applied oil. It is preferable that you do this before bed.