Hamburg city, a unique harbor to visit in Germany
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Sé, São Paulo - SP, 01018-010, Brazil
  • Written By Shikhar
  • Written By Shikhar
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Sé, São Paulo - SP, 01018-010, Brazil

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In July of 2017, Germany was the official host of G-20 ( the group will gather the 20 biggest economies in the world) in Hamburg, magic city of charm, music, history, interesting people.

Hamburg reflexes renewal everywhere displaying and amazing tourists with well-preserved buildings of the Speicherstadt (Warehouses City). They are designed with a sophisticated architecture which, brings historical attributes.

You can find several warehouses that became a touristic attraction in recent times, such as the Speicherstadt museum. It tells beautifully the history of the area and the International Maritime Museum.

If you go a little farther ahead, you will see the HafenCity. It is an ambitious revitalization project which has been under construction since 2015, due to finish in 2030. The investment is estimated at € 2.4 billion (income that comes from public sources) and € 8.5 billion (income that comes from private sources).

In HafenCity you will find offices, school, residential real estate - the multinational Unilever has a building right around the Elba boundaries - and the concert hall Elbphilarmonie which was built on the top of an old cocoa storage with red bricks. It contains a glass facade and a ceiling that resembles the movement of the waves measuring 108 meters height.

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Between the old warehouse and the concert hall, there is a terrace open for public enjoyment which delivers a panoramic view of Hamburg city.

The construction project was surrounded by polemics in the press. It started being build in 2007, the deadline to finish the was due to 2010, with a € 240 million budget. But, it was completed in October 2016, with a € 790 million budget. The opening concert was in January 2017.

In addition, HafenCity invests in public spaces, with squares with navigator names, where young people gather together to socialize and have a great time drinking beer while admiring the sunset on the Elbe.


In Speicherstadt, you have the opportunity to visit a Russian U-434 submarine which is anchored in front of the traditional Fish Market. It is available for public visitation only on Sundays morning.


Art installation honors the Beatles on a sidewalk on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg 

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Further ahead of the paved stone streets, at the back of the fish market, you find restaurants that offer several types of fish dishes, savory sausages, lots of beers. Consider trying the Ratsherrn, made in Hamburg. The brewery provides delightful tours in Germany in English but only for groups of at least ten people.

Exploring Sankt Pauli neighborhood, you will discover the most popular of the Hamburg city: the Reeperbahn. Full of red lights, happy people, nightclubs, bars where you can buy affordable beer and very good music quality for everyone enjoyment and for those who dare to try a dance.

The location attracts not only tourists but also musicians and visitors who appreciate the street art. The busy night goes on up to the morning. The staying options range from fancy hotels to many historic buildings, and affordable hostel. The place offers the best tourist time, suitable for all budgets thud you can not miss the opportunity to visit this unique Hamburg's city in Germany.