Going to travel around India? Here are Indian traditional specialities you must try
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  • Written By Shikhar
  • Written By Shikhar
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Enjoying a well-prepared dish is the most pleasing moment that any food lover can have, especially the Indian food that is full of culture, history and plentiful diversified flavor. Here is a rich insight about Indian culinary and dishes to include in your daily menu.

Preparing a tasty dosa (food from southern India) and curiosities about Indian food

In the south of India, people use their right fingers to make rice balls mixed with vegetables, yogurt, sauces, etc. After shaping the ball, it is appreciated in one bite.

Moreover, the Dosa specialty is quite common in southern gastronomy. It is a type of crepe that can be made from several different grains and is filled with mixtures or simply soaked in sambar which, can be enjoyed with soup and /or chutney class sauces that are common in various regions of the country made of coconut, tomato and other spices and herbs.

The dosas are appreciated in the same manner as the Indian bread - separating a piece with the right hand, and using it to grab fillings or gravy. For travelers, it is important to mention that if you do not want to apply these traditional ways of eating, you can opt for the regular western cutlery (knife, spoon, fork) which is also found in the Indian restaurants. The Indian people are committed to such eating habits as soups and desserts, for example, to try dosas and curries.


Samosas and other Indian salads

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An interesting curiosity about India is that the country of the one most vegan population in the World with a rate of 20-40% of the population which the Hindu religion has great influence in this aspect.

There is plenty of variation among India's numbers of community - vegetarianism is less common in the coastal states, northeast, and among Muslims from the entire country, but more common among in the Jains and Brahmins, for example. However, almost every restaurant in the country has at least one or more vegan alternatives – while other restaurants offer 100% vegan food only.

The Hindu religion considers the cow a sacred animal, thus the beef specialty is not quite common in India - but goat and chicken. Shrimp and fish are also very present in the culinary, especially in the coastal regions of the country (Goa, West Bengal, and Kerala).

Pork is not much popular in most of India - Hindus find the pig a dirty animal and it is avoided by most Muslims as well. Beef is common only in the state of Kerala, northeastern states, and in Muslim communities throughout the country.

The Indian's favorite drink is pure tea with plenty of milk and sugar. It is typically appreciated with specialties like ginger and cardamom which is served in little cups. Possibly, you will find a tea seller in every corner of the country.

Among the most desired Indian desserts are Kulfi, Kheer, and Gulab Jamun. Other Indian sweet include Barfi, Rasgulha, Rasmalai, Laddu and Jalebi, and from the Bengal which is trendy in India, especially.


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