Farmers shifting towards organic farming
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Akash Ganga Apartment, 117, Ajmer Rd, Ganpati Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006, India
  • Written By nehachauhan2304
  • Written By nehachauhan2304
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Akash Ganga Apartment, 117, Ajmer Rd, Ganpati Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006, India

The people of India have blindly followed the western culture in every aspects of life. We are getting more bound to the use of chemicals products to increase the yield of the crop. But somewhere the farmers are forgetting that it is not just depleting the agricultural lands in our country but the yield of crops produced is not of high quality. These products are known to cause major health issues amongst the consumers.

With the growing awareness amongst the people and the farmers, more of the growers are known to leave the modern farming techniques and follow the ancient traditional and organic farming methods of the crop production. The impact of the modern farming methods have reflected negatively on the quality of the food in the country and water supply as well.


How Green Revolution turned the farming techniques to western culture? What are the after effects of this event?

The green revolution that initiated in our country more than 40 years ago boosted up the yield of crops in our country. The Green Revolution started in between the years of 1970s to 1980s in Punjab. During this initiative, the farming was introduced with synthetic fertilizers, high yielding seeds and improved irrigation methods.  The impacts of the Green Revolution were such that the commercialization of the agricultural techniques was introduced in the country. India made its existence into the agricultural world at global level. But after so many years of commercial farming methods, farmers now want to shift their interest into the traditional and organic farming methods. Though the yield would be affected but the quality of the crop would increase which would ultimately lead to the increase in the quality of the food and water supply in the farm. These small changes in the agricultural techniques will also directly or indirectly reduce the chances of water and soil pollution. The quality of the land and soil would also improve by the use of natural products for farming. The use of traditional and organic farming methods marks its existence centuries ago.

The effects of the Green Revolution did not last more than two decades and the country started facing threats to the food and water supply. Moreover the health of the people degraded at a much higher rate. Synthetic fertilizers indeed improved the yield of the crops to a much higher rate. The western culture farming gave a ray of hope to increases the supply of food but that was just a mirage and the clear picture was seen in the later years. With the use of high yielding seeds, larger supply of water also became a major issue as these seeds require more water than the average rainfall. This compelled the farmers to build an irrigation system in their agricultural fields and to search for water nearby. The consequence of it was that the water supply in various states was threatened. Use of synthetic products and constant drilling for irrigation system in the soil also contaminated the water present underground.

In order to save the diminishing resources of the country and to improvise the health quotient of the people, major steps have been taken. The country is emerging out to be a global leader in the organic farming. Approximately 6 lakhs certified producers of organic farming have been begun with the initiative in India.


The state of Punjab witnessed the Green revolution few decades ago and now due to the poor food, water and crop quality it is witnessing the highest rates of cancer. A public health crisis was declared 20 years after the Green Revolution in Pubjab.

What are the steps and changes taken to improve it?

Realizing that the damage has been caused majorly to the country people, now the government is taking initiative towards improving the public health quotient. Organic farming is being introduced back in the country with full force.

The farmers should realize that it may take some time to adjust with organic farming as the government subsidies for chemical fertilizers will not be available. But once the organic farming have grown naturally and developed completely, it can provide the farmers with a much higher returns. They can sell the products to a greater price than the commercial farming products.

Farmers in Punjab have started using the traditional techniques already, by following crop rotation methods to improve the yield of the soil and to increases the humus and nitrogen content in it. Punjab is having certified organic farms of approximately 1500 hectares. The awareness has brought major changes in the country and its development. The income of the organic farmers has been increased from 391 US dollars to 469 US dollars minimum.

The Government of India is also promoting traditional and organic farming by providing huge financial support to the Ministry of Agriculture for organic farming. This is just a beginning of reversing what damage has been caused to the environment in the past few decades. And not just the environment but the quality of the food and water is also getting improved in the states of India.

Though there are many challenges in front of the organic farmers as well as the government of our country. Before shifting to the organic farming techniques, agricultural experts are asking for government subsidies. They have strictly mentioned that if no subsidy is provided, there will be no shift in the farming methods. The government needs to focus on providing the subsidy to the farmers who are willing to begin with organic farming. It will also encourage other farmers all over the country to shift into organic farming.

It is high time for us. We should get aware and make everyone else aware of the harmful consequences of using commercial farming. Start encouraging people to opt for organic food instead of the chemically grown ones. The organic food may cost a little extra but it will prevent you from degrading your health. If all the efforts are directional and oriented with the help of the Government of India, our country will soon become the organic leader amongst other countries in the world.