Essential oils can make miracles in your health: Know how to use them
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Sé, São Paulo - SP, 01018-010, Brazil
  • Written By Shikhar
  • Written By Shikhar
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Sé, São Paulo - SP, 01018-010, Brazil

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Essential oils are powerful and deliver plenty of benefits for the body and mind. There are several processes on how to use it and to avail its rich properties such as vitamin and aromatherapy.

The application varies according to the therapeutic usage. The key is to try until you find the perfect one for you case since there is no treatment which works 100%. Here's what you need to know and how to apply essential oils to avail the best of it.

1. Topical use

It is the process which the oil is applied to the skin, hair, mouth, teeth, genitals, ear and nails. Generally, the liquid is extremely concentrated and power the nourish. It is advisable to dilute in container or bottom for proper distribution such as coconut vegetable oils, sweet almonds, hazelnut, jojoba, rosehip among others. Continued use of undiluted essential oil may cause skin sensitization. Avoid sun exposure. It can cause stains and burning in your skin.

2. Inhalation

This process consists in total absorption of the essential oil through atmospheric diffusion which generates benefits for the memory, hormones, and emotions through the olfactory system, in addition to treating sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

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How to diffuse oil?

The most practical and effective way of spreading an essential oil in the ambiance is with the aid of an aroma diffuser. It will release the essence in the air softly, or use cold steamer diffuser.

The molecules of the oils will linger in the air for long hours purifying and killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and dust mites because of the antiseptic properties.

Heat diffusers need to be temperature controlled to a maximum of 50-60 ° C. The increase in temperature causes changes in the chemical composition of essential oils and decrease their therapeutic qualities. Use from 5 to 20 goats.

Direct Inhalation

Drip 1 or 3 goats in your hand and rub your hand together and approximate from your nose.

Cotton or tissue/fabric: drip 1 or 3 drops of essential oil in a piece of tissue, fabric, cotton ball, towel to approximate it from your face and inhale the oil.

3. Internal application

The internal use application consists on ingesting or internalizes the essential oil in the body. This proceeding is a little more invasive thus the essential oil "MUST" be 100% pure, natural and complete to apply internally.

The recommended amount is approximately 1 drop) for each 20 kg of body weight, 3 times per day. An example, if your weight is 60-70 kg - use 3 drops 3x per day for an effective and safe dosage.

Under the tongue:

Apply 1 or 3 drops of essential oil under your tongue. This proceeding is safe because the oils through the bloodstream and provides the most effective therapeutic effective when compared to the others.



You can add 1 or 4 drops of essential oil in beverages like your preferred juice, tea, milk or water before drinking. Stir properly and you will have a flavored drink.


Use 3 or 5 drops of essential oil in 100mL of extra virgin olive oil and add to your delicious dishes.