3 Super Scenarios to Prove That You are Smart to A Woman
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 192, CST Rd, Friends Colony, Hallow Pul, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070, India
  • Written By Shruti
  • Written By Shruti
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 192, CST Rd, Friends Colony, Hallow Pul, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070, India


It is a myth that women fall in love with a man’s bank balance, looks, or his professional attributes. To tell you a fact, most women do not fall in love; they simply learn to live with their man’s smartness. Not many women get easily impressed by flirtatious compliments and beautiful surprises. You gotta work real hard to seize that heart of hers!

Here are the three super scenarios for you to know when a man tries to impress you. Remember, at the end, the decision is solely yours. I have personally experienced these scenarios in my social circle and trust me; such examples will help women to make a right choice and support men to prove smartness to their partners.             

  1. I was in a pub at Vikhroli - RCity, when I saw two men sitting in a bar; one offered the woman a drink on the house, while another simply observed her getting drunk so that he can take care of her. Who do you think here is smart enough?

If you think the woman got lured by the man who offered her a drink, try it!


  1. A well-dressed man entered my meeting room in time; he spoke well, and was well-mannered. Needless to say, we all were dazzled! On the other side, another team mate came late for the meeting and apologized to everyone. He got stuck in another priority at home and thanked everyone present in the room to have cooperated with his late arrival. He also added a little humor by saying he is rather impressed by the way how we women manage it so well and are yet in time at work.

No comments on who won the heart here by being genuine.


  1. We went for eating an ice-cream late night at Powai; a few boys were staring at a woman and passed cheap comments on her. She suddenly saw a superhero entry of her friend who came out of nowhere and fought for her. It is no doubt that he got beaten up badly, but he tried! Another man present in the scene made a call to the cops who came within no time and got those boys arrested. The second man then asks the woman to stay calm and convinces her to not to worry about anything.


I leave the decision on you...