15 Food destinations that will make you travel across the world
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The first and foremost thing we look up to is the food and cuisines of a particular place. While we are going on a trip, trying the local food of that place is a must. Without this, the journey remains incomplete. While some go on trips and try the food, others go on trips just to try the food of those places. The foodies all over the world, travel a large distance just to get acquainted with delicacies of the globe. With the change in the destinations, the flavors and tastes of the food also changes which is the trademark of that particular city or region only. The exotic food that people get while being on such food tours makes them fall in love with that place and food even more. Be it the food at the local streets or market or in a fine dining restaurant at a five star, food has the ability to take away everyone’s attention.


For the cravings and curiosity of the foodies here are some of the best destinations for your food tour where you can enjoy the most delicious food. These places are known to be the best places in the world and they serve the best food too –

  1. Western Cape, South Africa.
    This is a world famous tour starting from Cape Town towards the Robertson Valley, Kanonkop. The main attraction of this tour is that it is a cycling tour, which means the tourists ride on their bikes on these routes tasting the delicacies of these places. Tourists are also allowed to visit the Klipdrift Brandy distillery in the cycling tour. It is reviewed as one of the best tours in the world. Be a part of this tour to have a once in a lifetime experience.

2.       Hoi An, Vietnam.
The market of the Hoi An is a hub for the most amazing delicacy in the central Vietnam. The tour is organized in the streets of the market. And the tourists can hire a guide to tell them about the food so that they don’t miss out on the best dishes. The place is very popular for the dishes like dauhu,sinh to trai cay,and much more.

3.       Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy.
The food tour begins from the city of Zagreband passes through the routes of Croatia, Venice, and Italy. The tourist can witness the local cuisines served on the way to their destination. It is a place for the best culinary and flavors all over the continent. Food tours to places like these offer you the best food of your life.

4.       Wonton in Hong Kong.
Daisann McLane has designed a private food tour for the tourists visiting Hong Kong. The food tour was designed primarily to make tourists taste the best cuisines at their place. The tour focuses much on providing the detailed information about the culinary art in Hong Kong. It is intended for enriching the tourists’ experience and to share the richness of the food culture in Hong Kong.

5.       Caucasus in Georgia.
This place is one of the greatest attractions of tourists all over the world. It is known best for the food and wine that is being served to the tourists. Wines are prepared through the old and traditional winemaking cultures. If you plan to visit here, don’t forget to try the khachapuri and khinkali and the popular wine in Georgia.

6.       Fes, Morocco.
Relish the taste and flavors of the Roman food in Fes, Morocco. It is famous for the dishes like zaalouk, couscous, and tagine. It is one of the best places to have a mouth watering experience.

7.       Chile.
The food tour to Chile will let you witness the best and the most delicious food in the world. It is a very interesting and attractive tourist place with the best food and the best chefs in the world. Tourist can experience mouth watering delicacies made the worlds’ best chefs. Chile is rich in the number of chefs and one can also enjoy cooking with them here.

8.       Sicily, Italy.
It is known for the finestSicilian food in Italy. The culinary school of Anna Tasca Lanza is one of the main attractionsin Sicily. Tourist can not only enjoy the best Sicilian food but can also learn to cook them from the school.

9.       India.
The richness in the Indian spicesand the techniques of food preparation attracts the tourists and food lovers all over the world. Indian food is loved not just only in India but it is also famous in other places as well. People from different countries visit India to enjoy the delicious food. The country is diverse in culture and so is the Indian food. The tourist can enjoy a variety of food in India while moving from north to south and from west to east. The spicy curries, flatbreads, street foods, snacks and most prominently the traditional and royal food available India is liked a lot.

10.   Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.
If you are a lover of the seafood then this is a must-visit food destination for your next food tour. The seafood made in Kenai Peninsula is one of the finest cuisines in Alaska and it is made in addition to various other food ingredients like herbs and mushrooms.

11.   Oaxaca, Mexico.
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This place is famous for the food tour and food lessons that are given by the very famous Chef Susana Trilling. He promotes the tourists to relive and experience the dead customs of food preparation.

12.   Switzerland.
Who does not like chocolate and cheese? The names of these food items bring mouth watering dishes in our imagination. This place is not just rich in the Alps but also in chocolate and cheese. If you are planning to visit Switzerland then don’t forget to try the famous dishes made with chocolate and cheese.

13.   Cuba.
The cuisines prepared in Cuba are the combination of the modern culinary techniques and the traditional methods. The mixture of food preparing techniques results in mouth watering dishes, making it one of the best places in the world.

14.   Japan.
Tokyo is very popular for its cuisinesand culinary arts. Japan is mainly famous for the sake tastings. Sake is a very famous drink in Japan.

15.   Asheville, North Carolina.
Along with the food, many people also love to taste the liquor all over the world. If you are one of them then Asheville is the perfect place for you. The destination is home to more than 25 breweries. The craft beer prepared by the mineral rich mountain water in Asheville is the enjoyed by the tourists.


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