• 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Akash Ganga Apartment, 117, Ajmer Rd, Ganpati Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006, India
  • Written By nehachauhan2304
  • Written By nehachauhan2304
  • 00:00AM Jan 01,2019 Akash Ganga Apartment, 117, Ajmer Rd, Ganpati Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006, India

Lone traveling trips are indeed very adventurous and risky. Going alone on a trip is a tough decision to make but it makes you self-dependent and boosts your confidence. While you are alone on your journey, you are free to go wherever you want and can do whatever you wish to. Though there are some major risk factors related to alone traveling. Travelling is not always smooth and simple and everyone faces some major travel disasters during their holidays. It can be anything, any delay in the transportation, cancellation of bookings, no network zones, losing your luggage and much more. While you decide to go on board with the traveling plans alone, you always face some trust issues at a new place and there may be some risks in the new city. Unfamiliarity at a new place can cause various travel disasters.

How can one try to learn about the various travelling risks and how they can be avoided?

For a better travelling experience and to have a safe journey, one must be aware of the place he or she is going and should take utmost care of the possible risks nearby. One cannot predict what is in store for them in the future but they can do their best to avoid these risks. Being careful and taking wiser decisions with proper planning are first and foremost steps to avoid travel disasters.

By keeping the following tips in mind, one can plan safely for the maximum possible traveling risks –

  1. Before leaving for the trip, you must visit the doctor once. You do not want your traveling plans to get spoiled by facing any medical emergencies. The journey may or may not be suffering or hectic but getting checked for your health beforehand ensures that you would have a smooth traveling experience. Alone travelers should keep this thing primarily in their checklist because at a new place, you would not have anyone to take care of you.
  2. Getting sick while traveling. Going through the hills or any changes in the location can make you feel sick. Having poor health while travelling is daunting and a mood spoiler of course. It is always recommend carrying a medicine box with required medicines.
  3. Lacking money or cash. Going out of money is a very common travel disaster. It can be avoided if one can bring enough cash with them. Carrying an ATM is also a good option but you may or may not find an ATM nearby, so it is recommended to always have some cash in your hand. Taking care of such situations at the first place is a wiser decision. A traveler can experience situations of being cashless in abroad countries and this can be a daunting situation. If you are in some other country then it is good to carry some extra currency of that place.
  4. Keep a carry-on bag or shoulder bag with yourself and stuff with the important things and a pair of clothes in it. Loss of your luggage or any misplacing of the bags can be the worst nightmare during your lone traveling trips. You would not want to suffer because of such situations. That’s why it is safe to keep all the easily carried and important stuff in your shoulder bag. Do not forget to keep a pair of clothes in them too. If any such situations occur where you lose your luggage then you must have an extra pair to go along with. Keep yourself well planned and prepared before going on a trip.

  5. Do not be careless about your passport. Ever. Going to foreign countries and losing your passport is the worst case scenario. Without a passport, one cannot travel back and would face major problems in an unknown country. Your carelessness and stupid behavior can cost you a lot if you lose the passport. Carry a copy of your passport along with you in your handbag or purse. Try to keep your passport closest to you. If you face any such situations, then you must report to the local police at the first place. They will be there to help you out. You can also ask your hotel management to complain about the loss of your passport.
  6. Be aware wherever you are heading. People can easily fool you at an unknown place and you can get lost from your destination any minute. Avoid trusting strangers at an unknown place. If you are travelling alone then you should make sure that the route you are taking to visit some place is safe or not. You can ask the hotel management to guide you or carry a map to the route. Plan everything before the trip.
  7. The weather can ditch you. It is not necessary that you always get favourable weather. Even if you have planner something keeping in mind about the weather but it is something which cannot be controlled. It can be a major mood spoiler. You can only enjoy the weather and go with the flow being flexible about the plans.
  8. Messing up the luggage with liquid spilling out. The liquid stuff can spill out during traveling and you could face some mess around you. Avoid facing such situations by packing the liquid stuff in an airtight container and place them in a separate bag.
  9. Going to a no internet or no network area. Most of the people are okay with such conditions and can enjoy the journey without any trouble. But the ones who are tech savvy and social media addicts and need to flaunt their trip can get easily irritated by such conditions.
  10. Keeping your id proofs and important documents close to you. Wherever you go, be it on a national or international trip, you must need your id proofs for your identification. These important documents and id proofs need to be kept close to you in a safe and secure place. One cannot risk losing them while travelling as it can turn out to be a major travel disaster. One should take care that the copies of these documents are always available at your home and with you during travelling as well.

Be prepared. Be planned. Be ready. Travel disasters can occur to anyone and anywhere. Being ready to face such situations is always the best options. With the above mentioned list of travel disasters, one can take care that everything is taken care off. The checklist should be prepared accordingly for the trip.